Remedy for Writers Block

Nothing good comes easy,

Nothing easy is good.

Free and aimless,

Bouncing around the true depth of my mind that I can only call imagination,

I wish I could find a better word for the my playground of dreams,

Where there are no comfort zones,

Or crazy mind fucking negative thoughts that can hem the reveries in.

Ah, the mind of a writer,

Constantly buzzing, limitless ideas,

But when the pen and paper come out,

The barrier is up between the muse and the brain.

I don’t know if it disheartens me or gives me hope that even Lennon, Morrison, Tesfaye, Tsiolkas and Tarantino went through this.

Common denominator with these 5 is they probably used weed and there comes the fence burner.

They knew what they were doing so I will use them as my role models.

And don’t we all love a good role model.



You left my heart in sorrow,

That heavy day in May,

In the hours of the morning,

Melancholic hearts don’t rest.

Nostalgic for our last December,

When we held onto life,

And breathed through the fire of our despair,

And prayed for many days to come,

Knowing the gods had their own plans for us.

If we only knew that December,

Was the last one you’d be you.

If I only knew that each December,

My heart will break,

Homesick always for you.